Monthly Archives: July 2016

The return of the Lipliner

In the nineties, it was the thick dark brown liner with the clear gloss in the center that was popular. After that it seemed that lip liner lost their popularity until recently. More women are using lip liners again to create different looks. Some women use lip liners to contour their lips, others use them to help their lipsticks .


For a lot of people trying new colours is a huge step. But a little bit of colour can really change something. Throw a bright blue blazer on an all black outfit and it completely changes the look. Or try adding a pink lip to your makeup look and it can change your face. Paba Cosmetics has different range .

Hello Sun

Hello summer; hello longer days; hello cocktails and hello sun. Finally summer is upon us here in Canada (for those in Ghana you’re blessed to have summer all the time). With the warm weather upon us, a lot of us are looking for the prefect sun kissed and dewy skin. A little more moisture for our legs to make .