Paba Cosmetics: Mother and Daughter Makeup Party

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take” – Cardinal Mermillod


“A Daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend”



A relationship between a mother and daughter is one of the most important relationships to have. Most daughter when they were younger, would watch their mother and watch what they would do and try to do the same.

On May 13th 2017, Paba Cosmetics hosted a Mother and Daughter Makeup Party. It was an afternoon of women bonding and mothers and daughter enjoying the day. The event first started with an introduction from Daisy and Princilla talking about Paba Cosmetics; how the products work, Paba’s vision and the agenda for the event. When the guest walked in, they were greeted with a flower and refreshments and snacks. We had amazing cupcakes that Daisy baked. Once everyone was settled, we commenced with an ice breaker; it was a real tear jerker! We discussed what we learned from our mothers/one thing that describes your mother. It was a beautiful sentiment to the mothers and daughters who attended. Once we finished the ice breaker, we had Tatiana King aka MissGo2Girl; Paba Cosmetics Brand Ambassador, talk about what she does and how she loves the Paba Brand. We also introduced the Paba team; Cassandra as the Official Blogger and Jennifer as the Events photographer.

After everyone got to know each other, we proceed to the makeup tutorial which was done by Princilla. Both herself and Daisy discussed what they were doing (products, techniques and tips). The model was Tatiana King’s mother, who was a beautiful model for the event. Princilla and Daisy showed how to use Paba products on mature skin and how to do an everyday face under 15 minutes. Some products that were used was the Perfect Finish Liquid Foundation, which is the most popular foundation at Paba as it works with all skin types, eyebrow pencil (which everyone including the model loved), liquid lipstick in VIP, concealers, and powders. While the tutorial was happening, they interacted and showed techniques and answer questions about skin care, anti aging and different products people claim to use as makeup. For example; using milk of magnesia as primer for oil skin. For anyone who doesn’t know what milk of magnesia is; it is a laxative. Mothers also provided their own home remedies they were used to see how much makeup has evolved over the years. Princilla did beautiful natural eye, a bit of blush, highlighting under the eye and a nice bold lip and she was ready to hit the town! All the products use were Paba Cosmetics products.


Once the tutorial was completed, we had both the mothers and the daughters choose lipsticks for each other of colours they would not normally wear. It was a beautiful sight to see the different lipsticks and combinations that the mothers and daughters came up with. After that, there was a mini photo shoot with our Paba event photographer for all the mothers and daughters. The confidence in the pictures were amazing as they all wore their lipstick colours so confidently. After the event was done, Paba offered to do colour matches and assisted everyone with getting the foundation shade that works for them and to show how amazing Paba products are.


Overall, it was another amazing and successful event where everyone left with more knowledge on makeup and now understand Paba Cosmetics even more.

Stay tuned to our next event which we hope to see you there.


Written by: Cassandra Chambers – Paba Cosmetics Official Blogger



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