Paba’s Blogger Cassandra Top 3 Liquid Lip Colours for Fall 2017

Well it’s officially Fall; Well kind of but it’s not 100% Fall here in Toronto. One day it’s fall; one day it’s summer and the next winter. The weather cannot makeup its mind. Since its fall, that means it’s time for fall/vampy lip colours; reds, browns, grays and purples. Fall is one of my favourite seasons, so I am going to talk about my Top 3 Liquid Lipsticks from Paba Cosmetics. These liquid lipsticks are long lasting with 8-12 hours of wear and it comes out matte, which makes them even better for fall.


The first colour is “Smokey”. It’s one of Paba’s newest Liquid Lipstick colour just in time for fall. It’s greyish purple colour which is what makes it unique. I love this colour because it gives a different look than a typical purple. When I wear this colour, I get many compliments on it. You can choose to line it with one of Paba’s lip liners like Spun Silk or any brown (i.e. walnut) liner. I decided to line with spun silk which is a similar colour to Smokey Liquid Lipstick.



The next colour is “Go Girl” liquid lipstick. This is another great lip colour for Fall. It is a reddish, burgundy colour with brown. It’s a great everyday work colour and can easily transition from day to night. If you want to go out after work with the girls or to another function. This colour is going to be one of my go to lipsticks for the fall as well as the holidays coming up. You can pair it with the walnut lip liner or black plum to create a different look. In the pictures, I did not line it with a lip liner.



My last favourite liquid lipstick is “Alter Ego”. This has been my go to lipstick for the past two weeks! It such an amazing colour. It’s a deep dark purple with amazing pay off. If you are looking for that “vampy” look, this is the colour for you. You don’t even need a lip liner with this lipstick, however if you need one I would recommend Black Plum.



What I love about these colours are that you can also mix Paba’s other Liquid Lipsticks with it to create an ombre for a different look. For example, you can mix Alter Ego with the blue lipstick named “Strut”; I know people are scared of blue lipsticks but trust me you will love this combination of colours.

I hope you enjoyed my 3 Liquid Lipsticks for Fall. Let us know what your favourite Liquid Lipsticks are. We would love to hear about them! Until next time!

Cassandra Chambers

Paba Cosmetics Official Blogger



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