Shades and Hues Makeup Party Spring Edition

On Saturday April 22nd 2017, Paba Cosmetics and Tatiana King aka MissGo2girl hosted a makeup party at Paba Cosmetics location in Toronto. It was an amazing event of woman coming together to learn about Paba’s amazing cosmetics and to shop their amazing store.


The event started with Princilla and Daisy discussing the vision they have for Paba Cosmetics. How the company came about, how long they have been in business and what it means to inspire woman of colour through their makeup. We had Tatiana King aka MissGo2Girl of discuss the event and introduce herself as the official Brand Ambassador for Paba Cosmetics.

There was an ice breaker where everyone was where everyone was given 12 items ad they had to list in order if you were stuck on an island. The interaction with all the ladies were amazing. It was a real woman supporting woman atmosphere. Ideas were exchanged and friends were made.

After the introductions and icebreaker, Daisy went into a tutorial on how to do a day makeup using Paba Cosmetics. She went through the breakdown of how to apply on your makeup for a day look. She started with the primer, went to the foundation, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, liquid lipstick and highlight. Princilla then transformed the day look into a night look in 15 minutes! It was seamless! She added more makeup to make the look more noticeable. She added a pop of colour on the lips and done; she was ready to hit the town! After the makeup tutorial, Tatiana, Princilla and Daisy thanked everyone for coming and offered discount to the guest to shop and fall in love with Paba Cosmetics Products.



Overall the event was a success and nothing but positive feedback was given! Want to come to one of the makeup parties, The next one is on May 13th for the Mother and Daughter makeup party and it is going to be a tear jerker and great knowledge to be learned.

By Cassandra Chambers– Paba Cosmetics ‘s Official Blogger

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