The Dark Lips

Hey people,


Let me start off by wishing everyone a happy new year. I hope 2017 is a year of great success in all aspects of your lives.

There’s one lip look that has been seen and talked about a lot which is dark lips or vamp lips. It seems that as soon as the weather becomes a little colder (for those living in tropical climate, you have the privilege of not dealing with this) a lot of women want darker lips

So who can rock a vampy lip? Well anybody and everybody. The key, like the key to everything, is to find the shades that fit your skin tone and what you are most comfortable with.

So for the women who are comfortable wit red lips might transition to a burgundy. Individuals who like more nude or brown tone lipsticks may go for a dark brown lipstick.

What does Paba have to offer in dark/vamp lip colours? A lot.

In burgundy we have our popular Promise lipstick

or our liquid lipstick in Go Girl.





lipsticks are for our ladies who want a dark purple lip and Yesss

is our dark brown for a more mysterious look.

Another way to go darker with your lip colours is to get a dark lipliners. Try Paba’s lipliners in 89% Chocolate, Walnut or Black Plum (just to name a few) to help darken your lipsticks or liquid lipsticks.

Come into one of our stores and try a dark lip.



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