The Power of the Lip

Hey people,

A couple of months ago I wrote about the return of lip liners. In that post I talked about how lip liners are once again finding this return to the limelight in the world of makeup. In this post we’re going to drive in the power of the lipliner.

Lets start off with a basic question: What is a lipliner?

According to, lipliner is defined as a cosmetic applied to outline the lips, which may prevent the spread of lipstick.
But a lipliner can be used in more ways then just outlining the natural shape of your lips.
A lipliner can be used to make your lips appear smaller or larger than its actual size. Using a lipliner to create a line slightly above your natural top lip line and then fill in your lips with your lip colour (lipstick, liquid lipstick, etc.) it will help create the allusion of fuller lips. (Think if it like getting lip filler for a tenth of the price) To create smaller lips, do the opposite. Create lips slightly more inward then your natural lip lines to create the allusion of smaller lips.
You can also wear a lipliner on their own to create a nice matte lip.

Lipliners can also be used to change the colour of your lipstick or liquid lipstick.

For example let’s use Paba liquid lipstick called I Do. On its own it’s a beautiful nude shade with a pink undertone. (Perfect for brides who want a natural, angelic look)

Now, take Paba’s lipliner Cameo, the perfect liner for a nude lip.

When you line and fill in you lip with Cameo then apply I Do on top gives a natural pinkish nude lip, good for everyday or to compliment a dramatic eye look.

Now, we do the same thing with Black Berry lipliner, which is a purple liner with pink undertone, the combination creates a soft pink lip. The Black Berry intensifies the pink undertone in I Do.

Lastly, when we use Paba’s lipliner Walnut, a dark brown liner, the duo creates a cool tone nude lip. The brown pencil almost cancels out the pink in I Do creating a neutral lip.

So go on, try creating new colours with one lipstick/liquid lipstick and different lipliners.

Merry Christmas beautiful people.


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